Photographing Lanzarote

An Insider’s Guide to Lanzarote’s Most Stunning Photography Locations

Photographing Lanzarote

Easy to get to and benefiting from a subtropical climate, Lanzarote makes for a fantastic holiday at any time of year. But when most people think of the Canary island they picture hardened volcanic rock, blackened earth and barren wasteland; in short nothing that is likely to stoke the creative fires of a visiting photography enthusiast… but wait, there’s so much more to Lanzarote than volcanoes, you just have to know where to look! And that is where Photographing Lanzarote: An Insider’s Guide to Lanzarote’s Most Stunning Locations comes in.

This inspirational, informative and interactive travel guide, which can be downloaded straight to your smartphone or smart device, will lead you to all the secret shooting spots and hidden wonders relatively few people know exist, including: a fascinating assortment of charming villages, steeped in history and rich in vivid scenery, such as Tenesar on the North coast, known by the locals as the ‘lost village’ because of the eerie collection of fishermen’s houses abandoned there.

Then there are the captivating castles, a naturally formed marina, a ghostly shipwreck, a spectacular lighthouse, and miles upon miles of vineyards. Throw in the dramatic Atlantic coastline and towering cliffs of Famara and you’ll have a recipe for the perfect picture whatever the weather.

Plus, because of Lanzarote’s compact size you’ll be able to travel to our suggested shooting spots for sunrise and sunset on the same day.  

What’s more, because it’s known as the ‘Island of the 1000 volcanoes’ there is no ignoring Lanzarote’s biggest feature, and why would you want to when the volcano cones, craters, caves, canyons, and lunar-like valleys all have plenty of photographic potential? The only trouble is every man, woman and his dog has been there, and photographed that. But with Photographing Lanzarote you’ll be able to explore unique shooting locations easily and safely, creating volcanic scenes that truly do the subject matter justice.

Photographing Lanzarote, priced at just £4.99, delivers a compelling overview of each shooting location on the island plus dozens of stimulating images and HD videos to whet your creative appetite.

You’ll also discover gear guides, shooting suggestions, tried and tested restaurant recommendations, expert insights to set your shots in context, plus safety advice, interactive maps and directions to help you get there safely.

What’s more the ebook is regularly updated (for free) to keep all the information current and correct, which is more than can be said for the traditional tired and tatty pocket book.

So what are you waiting for? Download now and let’s explore!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is Photographing Lanzarote in eBook form only? Can I buy a paper edition?
The Photographing Lanzarote eBook is packed full of digital content such as high definition videos multi-touch image galleries, and interactive maps which wouldn’t work in a physical book. We want to create the best possible experience for our readers, so we chose not to sacrifice our content to make a paper version. In addition to providing a better experience, the eBook format also allows us to provide free updates ‘over the air’ just like apps on your phone.
What does Photographing Lanzarote contain?
Photographing Lanzarote was created specifically for photographers visiting the island. It is crammed full of location information carefully curated with visiting photographers in mind. First you’ll find an overview of Lanzarote, followed by a range of chapters covering specific locations and all the amazing undiscovered and off the beaten track wonders each place has to offer. Each chapter has a wealth of gallery images, interactive maps and video content to showcase what is achievable from a creative perspective. You’ll also find up to date safety advice, directions, suggestions on when to arrive, what kit to use, plus historical, cultural and factual information to add context to the scenes you’re about to shoot.
What about data roaming? Do I need an internet connection to use it on location?
No, we’ve designed Photographing Lanzarote to work without an internet connection – the video, image and text content is all embedded inside the eBook itself, meaning once you’ve downloaded it from the store you can use it overseas without worrying about data. We’ve colour coded hyperlinks in the book to make it clear which ones need an internet connection to load. When you do have an internet connection you can access the red hyperlinks which link to external resources such as Google Maps, YouTube, social networks and websites.
Can I book a photo tour with the Photographing Lanzarote team?
We don’t run scheduled photography tours, but you can of course use the Photographing Lanzarote ebook as a foundation for your self-guided tour of the best photography locations on the island! We can arrange bespoke guided tours for your party subject to availability and timing – please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Can I buy prints of the images in Photographing Lanzarote?
Yes! We love helping people create their perfect memory of Lanzarote at home. We’re working on making prints available for online ordering. In the meantime please contact us to discuss your requirements and we can help create your perfect piece of art in whichever style and format you prefer. We’ve created bespoke prints for a number of customers, from postcard size glossy prints to acrylic mounted metallic pieces (these make vibrant colours and moody black and white shots look amazing!).
Question not answered?
Take a look at our full list of FAQs, or drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you.

Reader Gallery

We feature reader images on the Photographing Lanzarote instagram account, which has become a vibrant and friendly community of photographers who love the island. Submit your images to be featured by tagging @photographinglanzarote.

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