Photographing Lefkada

An Adventurer’s Guide to the Most Beautiful Locations on the Island of Lefkada.

Photographing Lefkada

Are you planning a holiday to a Greek Island but can’t decide which one to go for? Corfu, Rhodes, Zante, Crete, Santorini, are all great options, but aren’t they just a little bit obvious and overdone? If you’re eager to try something a bit more original, why not head to the stunning, yet lesser known island of Lefkada?

Connected to Greece’s mainland via a narrow causeway, Lefkada captures the essence of Greece in a small and easy to explore package, and despite becoming more popular in recent years it remains largely untouched by tourism, which means it’s brimming with untapped photographic potential. The only problem is knowing where to find all of these hidden gems and unusual photo hotspots… and that’s where Photographing Lefkada: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Most Beautiful Locations on the Island of Lefkada comes in!

This inspirational, informative and interactive travel guide will lead you to all the secret shooting spots, including: breathtaking waterfalls, charming coastal villages perfectly set against the Ionian sea and the olive tree-clad mountains beyond, deserted golden sand beaches with tropical turquoise shorelines, a resplendent church towering high above the island offering unparalleled 360 degree views, a historic castle primed for creating a stunning silhouette at sunset, plus so much more! And that’s not all, because Athens, Meganissi, Kefalonia and Ithaca are all within easy reach by car or boat, Lefkada isn’t just a great holiday destination to sharpen your shooting skills, it’s the perfect base to capture an entire archive of travel, landscape, nature, portrait and even street photography. What’s not to love?

Photographing Lefkada, priced at just £4.99, can be downloaded and used on smartphones or smart devices, and is regularly updated (for free) to keep all the information current and correct. Alongside a compelling overview of each shooting location, you’ll discover stimulating images and HD videos to whet your creative appetite, gear guides and shooting suggestions, tried and tested restaurant recommendations, expert insights to set your shots in context, plus safety advice, interactive maps and directions on how to get there safely.

So what are you waiting for? Download now and let’s explore!

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