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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a list of commonly asked questions.  If you can’t find the infomation you’re looking for just drop us a line and we’ll be happy to help.
How much are the ebooks?
£4.99 each
Where can I get them from?
iTunes/iBooks for Apple Devices, Google Play Store for Android Devices, and Amazon Kindle Store for Kindle Fire Devices.
What is the Global Photo Guides series?
Global Photo Guides is a collection of digital travel guides aimed specifically at photography and creative enthusiasts. The guides are designed for those who want a different kind of travel book; one that takes them off the beaten track, to weird, wonderful and downright jaw-droppingly beautiful sights that they wouldn’t have necessarily found with a conventional paperback. An interactive guide for your smartphone or tablet device, that’s rich in multimedia content, constantly kept up to date, and offers live maps and links to on the spot useful resources. Whether you are photographing with a smartphone, a professional camera, or a drone, these travel guides will help to turn your holiday into an adventure; one that results in hundreds of captivating images to treasure forever.
What makes these ebooks different to traditional travel guides?
The most obvious difference is the format; most travel guides are printed, which means they are instantly out of date. By using a digital platform we update the content regularly, easily, and at no extra cost to you, which means the guides continue to evolve and expand as we add new locations and content.

Secondly, a printed guide can’t include the level of interactivity that a digital product can. Using an eBook format has allowed us to make the experience much more immersive, but in a way that’s familiar to anyone with a touch screen device. These guides include a range of multimedia content such as maps, images and video that create a much more real experience. What’s more we’re using and referencing the latest technologies, including the use of drones for aerial video and photography, which is something we’re particularly passionate about.

Finally, we focus specifically on photographers and creative folk with a sense of adventure.  We include specific hints, tips and equipment recommendations for each location to make sure photographers have the best research available to capture that amazing shot.

What guides are currently in the series?
The latest launch is Photographing Lefkada: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Most Beautiful Locations on the Island of Lefkada. It’s the second book in the Global Photo Guides series, as Photographing Lanzarote: An Insider’s Guide to Lanzarote’s Most Stunning Locations was launched in 2016.
Who are these ebooks for?
Anyone interested in visiting these amazing destinations, and in particular those with a passion for discovering, and ultimately photographing unusual and unique places off the beaten track.
Do the ebooks teach you how to take photographs?
While the eBooks offer kit suggestions and photography hints and tips, they are not intended as photography instruction manuals, instead they are designed to help creative people find the most beautiful locations to photograph, many of which aren’t in conventional guidebooks you might find in a traditional bookstore.
What do the ebooks contain?
The guides contain an overview of the destination, followed by a range of chapters covering specific locations and all the amazing undiscovered and off the beaten track wonders the place has to offer. Each chapter has a wealth of gallery images, interactive maps and video content to showcase what is achievable from a creative perspective. You’ll also find up to date safety advice, directions, suggestions on when to arrive, what kit to use, plus historical, cultural and factual information to add context to the scenes you’re about to shoot.
Are the ebooks just for photographers?
Not at all. By definition, each of the locations suggested in the ebooks are somewhere that holds natural beauty that photographers would find interesting, but that also means they will appeal to visitors of all types and ages regardless of an interest in photography.
What’s next in the series?
We have plans to really push the Global Photo Guides series forward, with new releases set to celebrate a wealth of locations rife with photography opportunity. Follow us on Social Media for all the latest launches.
Do you need writers for upcoming GPG ebooks?
We’re always on the lookout for talented photographers and writers, who have an expert knowledge of a beautiful and interesting destination. We want to work with people who know the location like the back of their hand, and can tell our readers exactly where to find all the hidden gems and have the images to prove it. If that sounds like you, we’d love to hear from you! All you have to do is complete our form to submit a synopsis, tell us about the location, and upload some sample images.
Where can I get a review code and press images for an article I am writing on the series?
For all media related queries, press materials, and review codes please contact us directly.
I’ve spotted something in one of the GPG ebooks that is no longer correct, what should I do?
We always appreciate feedback and comments from our readers, especially when it comes to keeping the content of our eBooks current and correct. If you spot something that you think our readers should know about, please drop us a message via our contact form.
What about updates? Do I have to pay again to get the new version if a product gets updated?
Updates to our location guides like Photographing Lanzarote are available free via the store you purchased it from (iBooks for Apple devices, Google Play Store for Android).

You’ll be updated via email about any updates to our PDF travel itineraries purchased from the Global Photo Guides website, and the email will contain a link to download the newer version for free.

Which devices work best to view your products?
Our location guide eBooks such as Photographing Lanzarote and Photographing Lefkada are designed with tablet devices in mind, although they will work ok on smart phone sized screens too (Android users should look for compatibility info in the Google Play store).

Our travel itineraries and route guides are produced in PDF format, which is a common file format accessible on nearly all smaret phones, tablets and laptops. What’s more, it can also be printed if you prefer a physical copy. Apple devices can display PDFs natively without needing additional software. Android and other device users should check that your device can open PDF files.

What about data roaming? Do I need an internet connection?
All of our products are designed to work without requiring an internet connection, and the majority of content is stored inside the eBook or PDF file, meaning they will work ok with data roaming switched off and without wifi.

We occasionally link to resources on the internet, such as websites to book tickets for a location, or external information you might find valuable. In such cases we colour code the links so you can easily see which ones lead to a website or service that needs an internet connection (red links require an internet connection, and blue links take you to another part of the book or guide).

What is iBooks (now known as Apple Books)?
iBooks is a free eBook reading application provided by Apple for your iPad, iPhone or Mac. It includes a store that works much like the App Store or iTunes Store, but for eBooks. You can buy, download and read eBooks using the app.

In 2018 iBooks was rebranded Apple Books, but it’s features and functionality remain the same.

We publish our location guide eBooks, such as Photographing Lanzarote, in the Apple Books format because it provides a super easy way for our customers with Apple devices to download and view the eBooks. It also means that our customers can benefit from free updates via the Apple Books store.

If you have an Apple device and would like to know more about how to use Apple Books, check out this getting started guide.

If you have an Android device, don’t feel left out – our eBooks are available as apps in the Google Play Store.

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