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Interactive digital location guides for photographers of all abilities

About Global Photo Guides

Global Photo Guides is a revolutionary series of interactive travel guides designed specifically for photographers and creative influencers eager to venture off the well-trodden tourist track to discover hidden gems and inspirational new locations.

The series of acclaimed ebooks was created by award-winning travel and landscape photographer Jon Barker in 2016. Currently there are two books on offer; Photographing Lanzarote: An Insider’s Guide to Lanzarote’s Most Stunning Locations, and Photographing Lefkada: An Adventurer’s Guide to the Most Beautiful Locations on the Island of Lefkada, with more set to follow imminently.

Each guide contains a compelling overview of the destination as a whole, followed by individual chapters that cover all the must-see ‘secret’ locations ready for you to explore. You’ll discover stunning image galleries to get the creative juices flowing, interactive maps to help you reach the photographic hotspots, and HD video content to showcase just what is achievable from both land and air. There’s also up-to-date safety advice, directions, timing suggestions, gear guides, eatery recommendations, plus historical, cultural and factual information to add context and colour to the scene that you are about to shoot.

The digital guides, which work in the same way as an app, can be downloaded, accessed and used on a smartphone or smart device, and are constantly updated (at no extra cost to you) with all the latest information to ensure your experience is as easy, enjoyable and straightforward.

“I wanted to create something unique that would help those with a creative spirit get the most out of their trip. The massive growth in accessible camera tech and the rise of photo sharing apps such as Instagram has all helped to nurture the inner photographer in everyone, which is why I wanted to produce something that would help would-be explorers find the most amazing places to capture.”

Jon Barker

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